Testimonial Wall

"Luke has been an outstanding coach. His attention to detail, motivation, drive and discipline pushed me to achieve my strength and sports performance goals. Working with Luke has challenged me and helped to increase my speed, strength, stamina and confidence. Thanks to Luke, I feel prepared for any physical challenges I face as a Special Forces Operator."

Master Sergeant Dan Schwarz
Green Beret

"I first hired Luke in May of 2018, when I was struggling through some personal issues and needed to get in shape for a triathlon that I was going to do in Mid August. Luke developed and tailored my training to best prepare me for my upcoming event. He paid close attention to how I responded from workout to workout and pushed me accordingly both mentally and physically.   

In the end, I did not swim or bike once outside of my training with Luke and the furthest I had run was 2.1 miles. I completed the triathlon and had my fastest bike time of any of the triathlons I have competed in. Luke helped me exceed my personal goals during our time together and, most importantly, Luke truly cared about me as a person and often prayed for me to have God's guidance and love through my training with him and as I dealt with my personal issues.   

I would highly recommend Luke to anyone looking to strengthen their body and their relationship with God."

Kameron Struble

"I recently had the privilege of hiring "Coach Luke" Justus for a few months of private fitness instruction. I have to say that, though I have always participated (admittedly, off-and-on) in other areas of fitness, I was basically a novice at weight-lifting and strength training. As such, I was pretty intimidated by the gym, by my personal "fitlessness", by alarming age-related pain and stiffness, by a recent total hip replacement, and by Luke’s own high level of fitness. Should I mention also--Luke was about to become my son-in-law?! But his kind yet firm exhortation to "Fear not!!" rang true, and I continually preached his words to myself as I headed to the gym. I did get stronger and my confidence increased. 
Luke's coaching style is straightforward and encouraging (he gives out hearty "Atta Girls" when earned), yet offers truthful critiquing (he is intent on correcting form and execution errors at the outset so as to prevent injury and incorrect learning.) He very much conveys an attitude of respect, support, and belief in your success, and regards you as a whole person rather than just another fitness client. I would highly recommend signing up for some personal fitness training with Coach Luke; it will be well worth your expense.
Luke and his delightful (and fit!) wife Anna (yes--my daughter!) founded OutFit Ministries because they understand the connection between a fit body and a free spirit, and they "get" the outdoor piece: We live in a culture that is truly dying to get outside--we were made to find refreshment and come alive in the great outdoors! I would wholeheartedly recommend you, your family, your friends, your fitness group, or your church "throwing in" with Luke and Anna and their OutFit, and see your fitness take off--body and spirit, inside and out!"

Karla Poer

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