Health Nuts tend to vilify large food portions over the holidays.

Well that’s fine; more gravy for us!

...But before we start gabbing over what we should or should not eat at Thanksgiving dinner & its weeklong “leftover spectacular”, can we at least recognize that most Americans drop the calorie counting for a few days to count their blessings?

Assuming you are one of these grateful Americans (with a multitude of calories to burn), let’s consider how we will transition back into a normal rhythm of life – you know, like going hours without pumpkin-flavored morsels or even days without sugar-induced comas & cranberry stained teeth.


Rest is the starting point, not the backup plan.

Breaks are not just beneficial in all areas of life, but essential in making the most of them.



I Don't Get It.

How do people work out so much??
Spoiler alert! It’s not because they’re perfectly motivated. I asked our members what drives them to be so active, and here are the most common responses I got:


Give Thanks

The holidays are here!!!! Can you believe it?! 

For me, tons of emotions flood my mind when considering this time of year: excitement to see family, Christmas cookies, movies, making memories, exchanging gifts...

But sometimes it creates anxiety to schedule it all. I have to buy gifts, eat everything in sight, and struggle to make time for exercise and relaxation.  

On top of it all, I sometimes start to reflect on the goals I didn’t reach the previous year and where I “should” be by now (emotionally, physically, and spiritually), to then feel discouraged for the upcoming twelve months. "Will I ever make the progress I want to see?"

Hold on, I thought the holidays were supposed to be full of positive thoughts? 

Calling All Selfless Exercisers

I have observed that most individuals have had different experiences with fitness. Personally, I sometimes feel I don’t have time for anything, and even if I do, it seems like it would be selfish and would come at the expense of a different obligation being shirked. 

In other seasons, I have enjoyed exercise so much that it became a top priority in my life causing me to focus on myself and my appearance rather than allowing wellness to take its true place in life as a tool, not my identity.

I have been on both ends of this spectrum, but recently have been amazed to see the amount of people who come through our doors and want to be fit for other people.