Rest is the starting point, not the backup plan.

Breaks are not just beneficial in all areas of life, but essential in making the most of them.

I Don't Get It.

How do people work out so much??
Spoiler alert! It’s not because they’re perfectly motivated. I asked our members what drives them to be so active, and here are the most common responses I got:

Give Thanks

The holidays are here!!!! Can you believe it?! 

For me, tons of emotions flood my mind when considering this time of year: excitement to see family, Christmas cookies, movies, making memories, exchanging gifts...

But sometimes it creates anxiety to schedule it all. I have to buy gifts, eat everything in sight, and struggle to make time for exercise and relaxation.  

On top of it all, I sometimes start to reflect on the goals I didn’t reach the previous year and where I “should” be by now (emotionally, physically, and spiritually), to then feel discouraged for the upcoming twelve months. "Will I ever make the progress I want to see?"

Hold on, I thought the holidays were supposed to be full of positive thoughts? 

Why are thoughts like “My squat isn’t close to where I want it to be” and “I didn’t read all the books I had on my list” polluting my joy??

Friends, it is well past time to change this way of thinking. Focusing on my life’s negative aspects will not yield the positive outcomes I desire, and neither will it for you.

While being honest with ourselves about unmet goals being necessary and good, our new aim must be to truthfully examine the whole year—complete with failures AND successes! 

Here are some thoughts: maybe you didn’t lose all the weight you were hoping to, but tell me, did your body change?

Do you feel more energetic, strong, or healthy?

Perhaps you didn’t hit the PR you hoped for, conquer your reading list, or get the job you hoped for, but did you make an attempt?  

Join me this November with a new outlook. Not one of defeat, but of gratitude. 

Thanksgiving, although accompanied with its own baggage, is a day to remember our blessings and to give thanks for the life we have been given.

Christmas is also a day to rejoice in the greatest Gift ever given to mankind, and applying those principles to our own lives may well just yield the most fruitful year yet. 

So, my challenges to you over the next few days, weeks and year are to:
1. Never let your actions or habits proceed from fear. 

2. Identify the victories you have seen in your life, and let them inspire you to continue working towards your goals.

3. ENJOY the holidays!

4. Share your successes with a friend, and in turn reflect what growth you have seen in their life recently. 

One more thing: you may be thinking to yourself, “This is all well and good, but I can’t think of a single thing I improved in this year.”

Maybe your health has worsened, or you moved farther from your goals. My response to you is this: acknowledgement of where you are is the first step to growing. It’s never too late to move joyfully towards the person you were designed to be!

May your holidays be blessed and full of joy. Happy Thanksgiving! 

“I am who I am today because of the choices I made yesterday.” Eleanor Roosevelt

-Anna Justus

Calling All Selfless Exercisers

I have observed that most individuals have had different experiences with fitness. Personally, I sometimes feel I don’t have time for anything, and even if I do, it seems like it would be selfish and would come at the expense of a different obligation being shirked. 

In other seasons, I have enjoyed exercise so much that it became a top priority in my life causing me to focus on myself and my appearance rather than allowing wellness to take its true place in life as a tool, not my identity.

I have been on both ends of this spectrum, but recently have been amazed to see the amount of people who come through our doors and want to be fit for other people. 

This has been a concept I have been relearning over the past several years, and has been a huge gift to enjoy exercise with no pressure on myself. What is even MORE amazing is getting to see how many people share that idea with me! We see parents, grandparents, spouses and friends from ages 12-62 coming through our doors to get better not only for themselves and their own appearance but more importantly for their families and loved ones!

There is nothing sweeter than seeing a grandmother strengthen her arms so she can energetically and easily play with her granddaughter, or a high school athlete work hard so they can better perform and serve their teammates on the field. 

I get to see moms push each other to strengthen their hearts and muscles so they can be role models for their children, and husbands and dads step up to the challenge to model hard work and boldness for their boys. 

Exercise was designed for so much more than just reaching a specific number in weight or body fat. In fact, it can include those things, but was created as a tool to help us to live out our purpose more fully. 

Soldiers use their training to serve their country and fight for a greater cause. Without it, they would likely not succeed in their missions.

If you are an educator and you don’t study the materials you are to instruct others in, you will never get your lesson across to your students.

In the same way we are called to be parents, grandparents, and friends enjoying each other, and with that comes a responsibility to steward our bodies joyfully and to the best of our abilities. And tell me: what about that is selfish? If we use our fitness to grow together, to learn, and enjoy life more fully, don’t you think it would be the least selfish activities we could do? 

Don’t believe the lie that exercise is selfish. It absolutely can become that with the wrong purpose behind it, but can also equip us and strengthen us to live the life we were created to. 

So come, join me and this amazing community of driven people!


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