A) Lifestyle Plan 
B) Month-to-Month Plan

What is the Lifestyle Plan?

The Lifestyle Plan is a rewards program for a 12-month membership. It activates a discount to your monthly fee when choosing to make fitness a priority for 365 days at a time.

What if something comes up?

If you find yourself needing to end your membership before the 12-month period is over, you are NOT obligated to make payments through the end of the year. Instead, you simply pay the difference of what a month-to-month membership would've cost. 

Why is Lifestyle Plan so popular?

1. It gives you the tools you need to succeed. 

Great habits take time to form. 365 days of training will establish those fitness rhythms that you'll need to meet your goals! 

2. It lowers the cost of your membership.

You'll save anywhere from $2-10 every time you walk into the gym. This can lead to HUGE savings over long periods of time!  

3. Incentive to stay on track!

Everyone needs the occasional push. Some are motivated by promise-keeping, others by money, others by the progress they've already seen. The Lifestyle Plan combines all three.  

Is the Month-to-Month Plan for me?

If you’re hesitant about a full year of fitness, try us for a month before unlocking that discount. Otherwise, the Lifestyle Plan is for you!