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Luke Justus

Owner & Founder

Luke founded OutFit LLC in 2018 with the vision of reconciling physical fitness with spiritual, mental, emotional, and social health. With a degree in Fitness Management, a passion for ministry, and  many years of experience in the world of exercise, Luke is excited to share his expertise with anyone looking to live a purpose-driven life. 

Anna Justus

Lead Coach & Manager

Anna supported Luke's vision and helped him make it a reality while she was still attending IUPUI for her degree in Fitness Management. Now, she has come alongside Luke as the Fitness Administrator and Lead Coach for OutFit LLC. She too shares a passion for total-body health, living life with a clear purpose, and making ministry a priority. 


Purpose-Driven Individual

We can't impact our community without willing participants like you who are ready to live out what it means to have purpose-driven fitness. You play a vital role in influencing others with the way you steward your body, mind and soul. Thank you in advance for believing in the Bigger Picture — for believing that it's more than just a fitness routine — it's a lifestyle. 


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