Why be OutFit?

Lifestyle Balance

By utilizing the free activity groups throughout the week, you are set up for success as you balance your physical, mental, social, and spiritual health! So instead of crash dieting, you can start building long-lasting, healthier habits.

"Healthy" Social Media

Whether we like it or not, social media influences the way we think and act—depending on how much we use it. So, we've turned our social media presence into a place to be informed, inspired, and connected to a large community of likeminded people!

Real Relationships

People are fitter together. If there's no one to share your ambitions, journeys, or victories with, keeping forward momentum can become extremely difficult. For that reason, we focus on treating every member like family.

Something Bigger

OutFit exists to equip you to live life to the fullest. We started this business with a vision to help others realize their True Calling in Life. It's not just about losing weight, lifting more, or even finishing a monumental race—it's about why we're here and how we ought to use our bodies!