Health Nuts tend to vilify large food portions over the holidays.

Well that’s fine; more gravy for us!

...But before we start gabbing over what we should or should not eat at Thanksgiving dinner & its weeklong “leftover spectacular”, can we at least recognize that most Americans drop the calorie counting for a few days to count their blessings?

Assuming you are one of these grateful Americans (with a multitude of calories to burn), let’s consider how we will transition back into a normal rhythm of life – you know, like going hours without pumpkin-flavored morsels or even days without sugar-induced comas & cranberry stained teeth.

Step 1: Get rid of the dessert you pretended not to want when you left the party.

“Do you want to take some home? You need it more than we do!” I’m not saying you should’ve said no. It would be cruel to turn down Aunt Peggy in front of the whole family. But I am saying you don’t need to “take one for the team” three times a day for the next six days by three-biting whole pieces of pumpkin pie every time you rediscover it in the fridge.

Step 2: Refrain from explaining how one meal somehow added 11 pounds of body weight.

By following step 1, you successfully evade the need to study step 2. There is virtually no way to gain such weight in one sitting. Indeed, the most weight one could possibly gain from a single sitting is roughly 2 pounds, 3 if you want to play the “it was salty though” card. If by chance you do find yourself up more than 3 pounds, refer to step 1.

Step 3: Incorporate foods that will get you “regular”.

We’re all grown adults here, right? Some food adds to the problem, while other food thinks it is Draino. You know what to do. See below a short list of potent helpers:
-unsalted nuts
-dehydrated fruits
-120oz of water
-literally anything with too much hot sauce

Just don’t do it before bed. (Unless you’re trying to get those steps in).

Step 4: Normalize large meals.

You know why we get so excited for the Thanksgiving feast? We were created to enjoy God’s good creation together! Start making meals a family matter. It is, in fact, possible to talk to your parents, grandparents, brothers & sisters without a mouthful of glazed ham. Enjoying large meals together will increase the time you spend together, expand your horizons for flavor, and increase your knowledge of the foods you eat and why you should eat them.

Step 5: Use the Food as Fuel.

Too often we encounter people who are just doing their best to stay under a certain number of calories for the day. Let’s frame our view of food as a means to an end. Instead of looking at is as a reward for starving a certain number of hours, try to think of the many ways in which you can use your diet to become a more effective person at work, at home, and in your ministry. God chose food as the sustenance we need to continue each day on this earth. He continually provides it so that you can live another day. It is a constant reminder that He is our Portion; and He alone can satisfy.

-Luke & Anna

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