Rest is the starting point, not the backup plan.

Breaks are not just beneficial in all areas of life, but essential in making the most of them.


Example A:

People get more done when they exercise using predetermined rest periods! First of all, you don’t start your workout after you complete 2,000 jumping jacks. Although it’d be kind of humorous to watch you go from that to burpees, it would certainly set you up for failure.

Additionally, if you attempt to do an entire 45-minute workout at 100% effort, you will inevitably crash into the wall of fatigue a multitude of times. It’s much wiser to cushion the workout with rest periods to fend off total self-destruction!

Example B:

In the workforce, 9 out of 10 employees will perform more efficiently when given shorter, more spread out shifts than trying to cram 70 hours of labor into each 7-day period.

You can try to argue that by presenting various outliers, but realistically, it’s not sustainable. Besides, when a restful employee retires, he or she will have their health to enjoy the time off.

In general, you can fall into two major categories: either you rest too much or too little. Either you tend towards being a couch potato, or an energizer bunny.

It seems the hardest part is finding the happy medium regardless of your tendency! 

For example, I (Anna) fall 90% into the couch potato category by default. 

Seriously, you can safely bet a lot of money that I will be lying on a beach all day every day on my vacations.

And on my days off, I’ll be sitting on the couch reading a book or watching a movie. (After Hiking Group, of course!) 

I LOVE to sit and relax.
Because each one of us has particular defaults, finding the happy medium isn’t always easy; we must first understand the purpose behind rest, and what it IS NOT...

You know you’re truly resting when...
1. There is a reason behind it
2. You are doing it to better yourself, to prepare your body mind and spirit for the challenges ahead 
3. You know it’s the best thing for you in that moment
4. What you do actively refuels you

Additionally, you may not be truly resting when…
1. You are just there by default
2. You don’t have a plan of action
3. You don’t see why/how your resting will benefit your next activity 
4. You feel more numb than refreshed 

Essentially, true rest yields energy, excitement, and restoration. It allows you to be MORE productive in the end, but eliminates wasting time. Even if you choose to do nothing all day in order to rest, that is still considered being proactive if it truly helps you in the long run. 

So with that being said, take some time this weekend to find what refuels you, enjoy it without guilt, and be rejuvenated. 

And if your fitness hasn’t been “going your way” recently, you might look into making rest your starting point.


P.S. Find a fitness rhythm that actually works. Reach out to us and see how we can help!