I Don't Get It.

How do people work out so much??
Spoiler alert! It’s not because they’re perfectly motivated. I asked our members what drives them to be so active, and here are the most common responses I got:


The need to set a healthy example for their kids is more important than the desire to lay around.  

The need to invest in their personal health and joy is more important than the desire to take the easy road.

The need to experience their body's amazing physical potential while they still have opportunity is more important than the desire to let it become sedentary.  

The need to appreciate their body and continue celebrating it is more important than the desire to  hate their body image and avoid it altogether.

Just think about that—our most dedicated members don’t always look forward to going to the gym! Sometimes... they actually DREAD it.  

But that doesn’t stop them.

They know that more often than not, they won’t be in the right mood to exert themselves.

So they drive to the gym, work out despite how tired they are, and believe that in the grand scheme it will help them achieve their goals and simultaneously resist a lifestyle of living simply from moment-to-moment desires.

Those who choose to be disciplined, not those who are perfectly motivated, are the ones who make the most lasting lifestyle upgrades.

Personally, it seems the only times I have much motivation to work hard in the gym (or outdoors) is when I'm too busy working from my desk, or coaching others. 

A fitness professional shouldn't struggle with motivation to do FITNESS, right!?

I’m just keeping it real. When I do have the time to train my body, all too often I’m not super eager. 

But you know what? The more I press in, the easier it becomes to remember just how necessary working through the barrier of "deflated motivation" is. 

Isn't that part of why we exercise in the first place? Each time we train, we should expect it to be difficult. Otherwise, it's not doing us a whole lot of mental, physical, or emotional refining.

Sure I have a preference on what time I would like to exercise and for how long.

But those conditions are not always going to be met.

Yet I still make the most of what I have, and am thankful that I did something—every single time, without fail. 

So what does this mean for you? 

If you struggle to find time or energy to work out, welcome to OutFit. Woohoo!

Don't wait until you’re in the right "inspired" mood. That comes and goes! 

Motivation should be cherished, but isn’t foundational for fitness. But a willingness to push yourself—especially when you’re not feeling it—and a determination to choose health every day certainly is.

After all, the greatest work ever completed was achieved by The One who pushed Himself in the face of unparalleled temptation not to.

"They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself" -Andy Warhol